About Alliance

Founded in 1850, the City of Alliance is located in northeast Ohio in Stark County, approximately 20 miles from the county seat of Canton, Ohio. The population of Alliance is approximately 24,000 residents.

The "Alliance"

The city was formed by the merger of three small settlements - Williamsport, Freedom, and Liberty. A fourth settlement, Mount Union, was added to the city in 1889. The name Alliance was chosen because of the "alliance" of the small settlements into a larger entity. It also reflected the soon-to-come junction of two major railroads of the time, the Ohio/Pennsylvania and the Cleveland/Wellsville.


Partly because of the railroads, Alliance quickly gained an industrial base, and the city was generally known as a railroad town. Several large industrial facilities located in Alliance, including Morgan Engineering. After many decades in the city, Morgan Engineering burned to the ground in August 2001.

Home of the State Flower

Appropriately named the "Carnation City" in 1959, Alliance is the birthplace of the scrlet carnation, Ohio's state flower. In 1886, local green thumb and politician, Dr. Levi Lamborn propagated the flower from French seedlings, calling it "Lamborn Red."

Importance of Higher Education

A staple in the community since 1846, Mount Union College has established itself as an important local, state, and national resource. Highly rated both academically and athletically, the institution has earned National Division III football championship title in '93, '96, '97, '98, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2005. In 2006, the Purple Raider football team earned a record ninth Division III National Championship, after winning a 15th consecutive Ohio Athletic Conference Championship, and 18th overall.

Map of Alliance from Google Maps