Safety Council Presents Awards

The Eastern Stark County Safety Council, in conjunction with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation and the Alliance Area Chamber of Commerce, held its annual awards program on April 26, 2018. Awards include:

Group Award to the company with the lowest incident rate in each group: 100% Award to each company that works the entire year without an injury or illness resulting in a day away from work; Achievement Award to each company that decreases its incident rate by at least 25% from previous year; Special Award to each company that accumulates at least 500,000 hours and at least six months without an injury or illness resulting in a day away from work.

Group Awards

Consumers National Bank

Crandall Medical Center

Don Pancho’s Restaurant

Trilogy Plastics

Whitacre Greer Company

Achievement Award

ACME Industrial Group

Alliance Castings Company

Apex Control Systems, Inc

BPI Recycling

Buckeye Packaging Company

Caring Hands, Inc

Central Coated Products, Inc

Copeland Oaks

Custom Poly Bag, Inc

Steel Equipment Specialists

Sun America Converting LLC

Uniontown Fire Department

ViIllage of East Canton

 100% Award

ACME Industrial Group

AR. Schopp’s Sons, Inc

AJ. Osterfoils, LLC

Alliance Area Chamber of Commerce

Alliance Castings Company, LLC

Alliance Community Medical Foundation

Alliance Medical Associates, Inc.

Alliance Recycling Center

Allied Commercial Roofing Services, Inc

Anstine Machining Corp.

Apex Control Systems, Inc

Buckeye Packaging Co., Inc

Caring Hands, Inc

Central Coated Products, Inc

Consumers National Bank

Crandall Medical Center

Damon Industries Inc

Don Pancho’s Restaurant

First Choice Electric

First Christian Church of Malvern

JC Masonry Construction Inc

Mike B. Fagan Roofing & S.M.

Minerva Dairy

National Industrial Lumber Co.

Pauli Electric, Inc

Point-2-Point Logistics

Premier Bandage #8 Inc.

Quad Ambulance District

Robertson Realty

Ryan Alternative Staffing

Sare Plastics

Stark Metal Sales

Stark Metal Sales Trucking

Steel Equipment Specialists

Trilogy Plastics

Uniontown  Fire Department

Village of East Canton

Whitacre Greer Company

Whiteleather Farms


Special Award

Alliance Castings Company

Alliance Citizens Health Association

Consumers National Bank

Crandall Medical Center

Summitville Tiles

Trilogy Plastics, Inc

Whitacre Greer Company

Congratulations to all of these companies. A good safety record does not happen by accident. (Excuse the pun). These companies make safety a priority and we like to recognize them for their efforts.



Legal Updates from Ed Murray – Krugliak, Wilkins, Griffiths & Dougherty

This past summer, the Ohio General Assembly passed Substitute House Bill 27. In July, the Bill was signed into the Law by Governor Kasich and became effective as of September 29, 2017.

One important change included in the Statue was a reduction of the Statute of Limitations for filing injury or death claims. Under prior Law, an injured employee was required to provide written notice of an injury or death claim within two years of the date of injury or death. The new Law, codified in Ohio Revised Code § 4123.84, now provides that all claims for death or injury benefits shall be forever barred unless the claim is filed within one year of the date of injury or death. As a result of this legislative change, the Ohio Statute of Limitations for filing injury or death claims has now been shortened to one year. Employees who fail to provide timely notice of their claim will now be barred from recovery if that notice is not provided within the shortened, on-year Statute of Limitations. The new, revised Statute still requires that an

employee provide notice of a specific body part claimed to have been injured. The new shortened Statute of Limitations will protect employers from the difficulty of defending against claims that are filed well after the date of injury.

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